Teghenis mountain Mountain biking trail description The trail starts at the outskirts of Hrazdan, where the asphalt road rises to the summit of Teghenis Mountain (2800 meters of altitude from sea level). The location of the asphalted road is lower than its slopes and goes to adjacent, lush forests. The trail stretches till the white peak of Ararat and the four peaks of Aragats. The crosswalk pathway continues to Bjni village. Bjni is rich in natural mineral sources and historical and cultural monuments. Here, a 28-kilometer-long mountain biking trail ends. The return from Bjni to Yerevan is 48 km. Safety and Security Ucom and MTS Armenia Telecom connections are available anywhere. In emergency cases call 911 or 112. Beware of leashed-off dogs guarding sheep. Technical description Best period: from May till October. Biking trail length: 28.4 km Ride duration: 5 hours 41 min Altitude from sea level: 1727-2800-1535 m 50% of the road is asphalt, the rest 50 % is a land grinding. Take a bottle of water with you. How to get to the destination To get to the above mentioned mountain biking trail, bikers should arrive in Hrazdan city of Kotayk province. It’s better to travel by taxi. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable. Please use taxis with counters.
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