Airport Transfers

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There are many ways to get you to and from the airport ...

​Zvartnots International Airport

Yerevan Zvartnots Airport is located west of Yerevan in the town of Zvartnots. You can reach the airport via the M5 highway. This road connects Yerevan to the west of the country. The distance to the center of Yerevan is only 12 km, just a 20 minute car ride.

Airport bus 

You can take the airport bus from the area separated by the road signings adjacent to the fountains at the Republic Square with the use of busses and microbuses furnished with air conditioners and ventilators. It works 24/7 with the frequency of every hour. The transportation fee for one passenger is 300 AMD.

Public transport

Bus 108 and Bus 201 provide transportation to Zvartnotz airport.  They are stationed at the city center crossroads of Sayat-Nova and Mashdots Streets in Yerevan. 


The official taxi service of Zvartnots airport is AeroTaxi. This company provides taxi service to and from Zvartnots Airport.   They are readily available as you exit the airport. Click here for their contact information.