COVID-19 Traveler Information

The safety of Armenian residents and all visitors to our country is our utmost priority as we work together to minimize the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Updated on the 7th of May, 2021


Armenia is looking forward to welcoming you.

​See below the updated requirements upon arriving to RA.​

New Updates 

Due to the introduction of new prevention measures, the government has revised the quarantine restrictions.

If the visitor presents certifications that prove he/she had been vaccinated with two full doses against the Covid-19, with the second dose being received at least 14 days before entering Armenia, he/she will be exempted of a PCR test.

Children under 1 year old will not need to take the PCR test when entering Armenia.

Visitors are exempted from a 14-day self-isolation in case they present upon arrival a negative PCR test taken within the previous 72 hours.

The certificate for the PCR test must be in English, Russian or Armenian. The letterhead of the certificate should officially indicate the name of the medical facility conducting the test as well as the contact information. In addition, it should specify the name of the head of the medical facility, the name of the examined person, his/her ID number, his/her date of birth as well as the test result. The document should be signed and sealed.

Immediately upon arrival, all passengers are subject to a relevant examination conducted by the Heath and Labor Inspectorate (including checking the temperature with remote thermometers, external examination, as well as additional inquiries in case of clinical symptoms typical to the infection are shown).

In case symptoms corresponding to the COVID-19 virus are detected upon examination, the person will be hospitalized.

In case a PCR test isn’t available upon arrival, the visitor, even if he/she doesn’t display any symptoms requiring hospitalization, must submit a PCR test upon arrival at one of the sampling spots located right in the Zvartnots Airport Hall or at the land border checkpoints. If not, self-isolation is mandatory until a negative PCR test is obtained.

The sampling spots will carry out sampling then would subsequently submit the personal data and registration of the self-isolation in the ARMED system on the basis of ID. The authenticity of the contact information provided is checked on the ground by calling the given phone number.

After the sampling is finished, the sampling spot must provide a relevant document which indicates that the sampling and the registration for self-isolation has been carried out.

The visitor must pay for the expenses related to the PCR test.

The results of the PCR test will be registered in the ARMED system and provided to the examined person within 48 hours.

If a negative PCR test is obtained, the person would be exempted from self-isolation.

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