Getting Around Armenia

Traveler Essentials

Armenia has a reliable and affordable public transportation system. In addition to rental cars, taxis, buses, trolleybuses, vans (referred to as marshrutkas), and train, Yerevan also has an underground metro system with 10 stations.


Taxi service in Armenia isn’t very expensive, and sometimes it is actually the better choice when you are in a hurry. The price per 1 km is 100 AMD, but there is a minimal payment of 600 AMD (from 1 to 4 km). The average price for a taxi ride within Yerevan’s center is 600-700 AMD. You can find taxis everywhere. Always choose the ones with meters.

In addition, there are a number of taxi mobile applications available to enable you to order taxis by a tap or two once you have downloaded the application. The applications provide Russian and English interfaces making it easier for to use. Click here for a list of the companies and applications.

​​Yerevan Metro

The quickest way around Yerevan is by its underground subway system.  The cost is only 100 dram (less than $0.30), with access to 10 stations. Launched in 1981, Yerevan metro offers clean and comfortable metro stations, featuring interesting architectural design and decorated with multicolored stones, including tuba, basalt and marble, with trains running every five minutes from 6:30 am through 11:00 pm. The Yerevan metro runs an overall distance line of 14 km and has become part of the lives of the locals and visitors alike. During the summer months, when it’s too hot, Yerevan metro becomes the best place to cool off. Except for certain rush hours, the metro is mostly quite empty. You’ll be able to travel throughout the city swiftly and in peace.

​​​Buses and Vans

Buses and vans (locally referred to as marshrutkas) serve most major cities and many smaller towns at a cost of only 100 dram (less than $0.30). Buses usually run all day, but have a fixed schedule. Vans, on the other hand, are more frequent and faster than buses, running various routes throughout the cities and country.


​​The Yerevan trolleybus system has been operating since 1949 and forms part of the public transport network in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. If you have plenty of time and you want to save some money you can travel by trolleybus. The trolleybus fare is only 50 AMD, yet it travels slower than other public transportations.​


There are several daily trains toward Gyumri and one to Yerakhs, at the closed border with Nakhichevan. On summer weekends, one daily train operates from the northern Almast station to Lake Sevan, all the way to Shorzha on the far side. Click here for the schedule (passenger traffic on the left for details). Please note that the only station north of Gyumri that is officially accessible to passengers is Vanadzor, where the Georgia-bound train stops. North of Vanadzor there are only technical stops to which tickets can't be bought (Pambak, Shahali, Sanahin, Ayrum). Nevertheless, inspectors may unofficially allow passengers to embark or disembark the train at those stops. The fastest running train is the Yerevan-Tbilisi route, with an additional stop in Batumi during the summer season for beach goers.

​​​​Rental Car

There are a number of rental car companies available in Yerevan, with many models to choose from at varying costs. This will allow you to be more free while getting around the country as you’ll have to rely only on yourself. You must present your passport and driver's license in order to rent a car.  Click here for a list of the companies and their telephone numbers.

​Driver Service 

​In Armenia, you always have the option of hiring a driver. This service will enable you to explore Armenia at your own pace and convenience.  Just sit back, relax, and let the driver take you where you want to go.  Ask your hotel concierge to make arrangements, or click here for a list of companies that offer this service.