What Did I Miss on Yerevan Wine Days 2018?


Did you Visit Yerevan Wine Days 2018? No? Here’s What You’ve Missed. Yerevan Wine Days festival once again became one of the most talked-about events of the year.

​​What’s all the Fuss About? 

Yerevan Wine Days festival once again became one of the most talked about events of the year. Due to the success of the festival in 2017, Areni Festival Foundation, with the support of Yerevan Municipality and Anna Mazmanyan, organized Yerevan Wine Days once again in 2018. Thousands of people from all around the world gathered on the streets of Yerevan to participate in the festival dedicated to the celebration of winemaking and wine tasting in Armenia. The 2 day celebration of the rich history of winemaking in Armenia this year was dedicated to the 2,800th anniversary of Yerevan.

The festival was held in an outdoors, spread out through the intersections of Saryan, Tumanyan and Pushkin streets. In 2018, Yerevan Wine Days had 6 sales vendors on Saryan Street. The middle of the street was left open for visitors to walk along, while the booths with wine and food were located on both sides of the street. 

Over 200 types of wine from different regions of Armenia were presented to all the visitors of the event. The Wine makers exhibition fair allowed different companies to present their products to thousands of people. People walked from one maker to another tasting the different products offered on display. From professional wine tasters, to people who simply feel enthusiastic about wine, the event left everyone satisfied.

​​Who Visited the Event?

The festival was visited by many honorable food bloggers and wine industry experts, yet most of the visitors attended the event to taste wine, eat different kinds of food and have fun. The festival managed to gather over 25 wineries and 30 restaurants from all over Armenia and Artsakh. The variety of local wines along with the excellent assortment of cheeses, food, music and dancing allowed everyone to leave the festival with full stomachs, smiles and several souvenirs as a memory.

​​All throughout the event different Armenian bands took on the stage, singing and dancing along with the visitors. Those looking for a more calm and relaxing experience sat down in special shaded areas with small tables and engaged in conversations with their friends and family.

​The festival managed to gather tourists from Russia, Australia, Iran, France, Germany, the USA and many more countries. In 2017, over 25,000 people visited Yerevan Wine Days and the number of visitors for 2018 is estimated to have been much bigger.

​​The festival proved to be so much fun that even the newly elected Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, couldn’t resist it. The Prime Minister along with thousands of locals and tourists tried the wine and huge variety of international cuisine that high class Armenian restaurants presented during the event. The delicious fragrance of the food engulfed the streets as people ran from isle to isle trying to get a taste of everything. Many other Armenian officials as well the honorary ambassador of Germany joined in on the fun as well.

What if I Missed it?

For those who didn’t manage to visit the event, Armenia and Travel offered a live broadcast from the very heart of the festival on both Instagram and Facebook, bringing the event straight to all of our followers’ houses. If photos and videos aren’t enough for you and you weren’t able to visit the event this year, don’t worry. Due to the all around success of Yerevan Wine Days for 2 consecutive years, the event is expected to become an annual tradition. So mark your calendars and pack your bags in advance, not to miss the event next year as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this beautiful celebration of the rich culture and history of Armenia as the very cradle of winemaking.

​Images: Tatev Duryan; www.Armenia.Travel