Yerevan Wine Days 2022

Discover a new side of the Armenian culture, through hundreds of Armenia’s finest wines, gourmet food, and lovely music. Join a 3-day celebration of the rich history of winemaking in Armenia.

What to Expect

On May 3rd, 4th and 5th, Yerevan will welcome everyone for a 3-day celebration of the rich history of winemaking in Armenia, Yerevan Wine Days 2022.

Over 200 types of wine from different regions of Armenia are presented to all the visitors. The festival is a great opportunity for wine producers as well as restaurants and other companies to present their products to a new audience. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking forward to new experiences, the Yerevan Wine Days is the festival that will leave you with great memories.

The festival gathering over 25 wineries and 30 restaurants from Armenia and Artsakh on Saryan Street is great chance for you to try out the various local wines, Armenian cuisine and excellent cheese assortment, accompanied by performances of well-known Armenian bands, musicians and DJs. The restaurants also promise a huge variety of delicious international dishes prepared with an Armenian twist.

Held in an outdoor format, the celebration spreads out through the intersections of Saryan, Tumanyan and Pushkin streets. So don't miss the chance to take several bottles as a souvenir with you after tasting them!

Visiting the Festival as a Tourist

The visitors have the chance to buy a kit involving a coupon-book, available both in Russian and English that allows tasting the products of 27 winemakers. The coupons in the book will provide information about all of the producers participating in the festival. Those who choose to purchase the book, worth a little less than $8, are also provided with a special glass and a cover for it.

With it kick off in 2017, over 25,000 people visited the festival last year. Tourists from all over the world travel to Armenia specifically to participate in the Yerevan Wine Days and even more are expected to visit the festival each year. The majority of these tourists are from Russia, Australia, France, Germany and the USA.

Significance of Winemaking in Armenia

The tradition of winemaking in Armenia dates back thousands of years. As it’s believed that Noah planted a vine-shoot when he stepped on the Armenian land, winemaking is sacred to Armenians.

The techniques that were adopted back in the times of the kingdom of Urartu have hardly changed, preserving the authentic Armenian colors. Even back in XI-X centuries BC, Armenians were noted for their excellent vineyard cultivation. Many Armenian households were once involved in the art of winemaking. People used trade the grapes with their bare feet after pouring the must in jars made out of clay and burying it right in their gardens to store the wine.

The traditions of ancient winemakers are properly preserved by modern winemakers. Thus, it is no surprise that the terroir of Vayots Dzor produces wine that is included in top ten best wines in the world according to Bloomberg Business weekly. One of the notable examples from the list is the “Zorah Karasi Areni Noir”, made from an endemic type of grape of 2012 harvest that is aged in clay vessels. Armenian wine is also unique due to the used grapes. The high content of sugar in the Armenian grapes allows for the production of wine with higher alcoholic percentage. The big varieties of grapes in Armenia are used as a base for the production of excellent wines.

Whether you like sweet, semi-sweet or dry wine, you are able to find the best version of it in Armenia. A huge number of archaeological findings trace the origins of winemaking back to Armenia, a country which to this day places huge significance on this part of its culture.