Yerevan Card Tourist Pass

Enjoy Yerevan together with Yerevan Card! It is the official city pass which is a unique means for using privileges almost in all the institutions and services offered in the city.


“Yerevan Card” is the official pass of the city. The card provides you with the opportunity to obtain a free access to the museums, attractions, as well as to participate in the city tours and use the city transport (taxi, subway). With this card you can also receive discounts for a 1 year period at the best restaurants, shops, hotels and all the partner organizations the number of which exceeds 150. Having paid once a reasonable sum for a package which includes common access card, free comprehensive guidebook, the map of the city, mobile application and the mobile SIM card (with a possibility of free calls to operator and with free Internet) and free 24-hour (office working hours: 9:00-20:00, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00-20:00) information support, you enjoy a saturated, fascinating tour saving a considerable sum.


"Yerevan Card" is a official city pass designed for tourists The package includes an e-Card, a guidebook and map of Yerevan, a SIM card, a transfer coupon, travel coupon and a badge. According to the prescribed period, it gives a free single access to Yerevan museums, places of entertainment and local excursions. Yerevan Card gives a single entry access to various museums, excursions and entertainment venues (free or discounted) that are included in the program. With Yerevan Card you will get discounts from partner organizations. There are 4 types of cards – 24h (1 day), 48h (2 days), 72h (3 days) and card with unlimited time, which is valid for one year.You can activate your card within 12 months after the purchase. The card is activated after the card owner or the employee of the museum; attraction or entertainment venue writes the cardholder's name/surname, activation date and time on the card and scans it using the terminal (card reader). After the activation the program starts counting the hours based on the card type.


Download the free Yerevan Card App for IOS or Android. All tourist

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