Yerevan New Year Run 2018

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Yerevan is the capital of healthy lifestyle and enthusiastic activities. Yerevan Santa Run is the third marathon in a row, bringing you closer to the magic of New Year 2019.

Winter in Armenia is wonderful: in northern regions winter comes early with avalanches of snow, while in central and southern regions December still seems to be a month of autumn. The weather is mild and very favorable for outdoor activities like skis, ice rinks, ropeways, etc. 

In Yerevan, in particular, December is so mild, that locals and tourists enjoy not only traditional winter activities, but also some unusual ones that are very interesting and healthy at the same time.

Although unusual for winter, Yerevan New Year Run 2018 has already become tradition, gathering together all the enthusiasts of running, i.e. healthy lifestyle, and fun, as runners get dressed in Santa’s clothes and the whole marathon turns into a festive pre-Christmas and pre-New Year celebration. 

On December 23, everyone is encouraged to participate as you will get tons of positive emotions, in addition to a healthy pastime in a cool air of December Yerevan. The marathon will involve different generations each passing different distances:
- 5 kms
- 3*1.7 km relay run for teams of 3 runners
- 1 km for kids

If you are still wondering whether to take part or not, keep in mind that all the funds raised from the sales of tickets of marathon will be donated to charity ahead of the magical New Year. Participation fee is just AMD 6,000, equaling to approximately USD 12.

How to participate in the “Santa Run”?

All you have to do to participate in the momentous Yerevan New Year Run 2018 is to register here by filling in some required information.

All registered participants will get Santa’s costumes, and the running marathon will take place in the company of great music and amusing host, and in the end, you will receive cool medals and special surprises.

New Year mood is coming. Get in this magical spirit by running as amazing Santas.

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