Wine Expo

Wine Expo

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Fri, Jun 02 - 2 days


June 02,2023


Zoryan-Moskovyan crossroad to the Moskovyan-Spendaryan crossroad

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During the Yerevan Wine days, from the 02/06 to the 04/06/2023, winemakers will also be represented in the Professional Wine Expo section from the Zoryan-Moskovyan crossroad to the Moskovyan-Spendaryan crossroad. 


The expo will be separated from the main festival section. The main goal is to give the opportunity to business visitors the opportunity to taste the selected wines in the most specialized environment and to have a chance to talk with relevant specialists of the winemaking companies, as well as to buy exclusively bottled wines. The platform serves best for B2B cooperation’s. Entrance to the expo is free.