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Visit the studio of an award-winning blacksmith

Visit the studio of an award-winning blacksmith

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Today Martirosyan owns the Yerankyuni (Triangle) restaurant, named for a famous Armenian film set in World War II, which tells the story of five blacksmiths from Gyumri (known then as Leninakan). The interior of the restaurant replicates the concept of the film through its triangular shape.

In one of Yerankyuni's rooms, Martirosyan offers blacksmith master classes. Over the course of one to two hours, visitors may learn metalworking techniques from one of Armenia's masters, while also enjoying lunch or dinner from that master's restaurant.

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Gagik Martirosyan is a sixth-generation blacksmith, who in 1986 was nominated as “the best blacksmith” of the Soviet Union and in 2015 was named Armenia’s “National Blacksmith.” Today Gagik owns the Yerankyuni (Triangle) restaurant and demonstrates his craft to curious visitors.