DogFest 2024

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июнь 09, 2024



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Dear pet owners and simply lovers of our four-legged friends! We all have our favorites, we usually tell our friends and acquaintances so reverently about their tricks and enthusiastically show a million funny photos and videos of them!

The DogFest team decided to be the first to organize a large-scale Pet Fest in Yerevan and unite everyone in one place and on one day to spend time with benefit for ourselves and for our four-legged friends, where our little brothers will have the opportunity to express themselves and show their best more beautiful. There will also be ample opportunities to buy special food, snacks, toys, clothes and identification pendants and much more at very competitive prices. See the work of the best groomers, dog handlers and trainers in the country. And also support volunteer organizations and animal shelters in Armenia and Russia.

Our main goal is to educate the general public about the appropriate care and treatment of our four-legged friends, as we have room for improvement in these matters. In the festival program:

  • Educational lectures for owners
  • Competitions in agility, flyball, frisbee and even dancing with dogs
  • Exciting quest for you and your pets
  • Master classes and trainings for animal
  • Psychologists and trainers
  • Veterinarian consultations
  • Podium for displaying animals
  • A separate pavilion with an installation will present the Armenian Gampr - as a national treasure of Armenia!
  • An exciting show with the skills of service dogs of law enforcement agencies R.A.
  • Performance by artists with their pets.
  • Fair

At the Pet Fest festival you will be able to spend time with like-minded people, purchase goods for your pets and learn a lot of interesting information about animals, make new friends for a walk with your pets through the streets and parks of Yerevan and simply spend a sunny summer day with pleasure for yourself and your four-legged friend.

Also, as part of the Pet Fest festival, a charity platform will be organized where guests will be able to help homeless animals, as well as find a new friend, if they mutually like it, by taking him home from animal shelters.