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10 Sayat-Nova street, Yerevan, Yerevan

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Embark on a journey of a lifetime with Velo Club Armenia, where passion meets adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Armenia! With a range of mountain biking, cycling tours, and picnic adventures, you'll pedal through picturesque routes and immerse yourself in the beauty of Armenia like never before. But that's not all - for those craving a more immersive outdoor experience, don't miss their camping cycling tours spanning two days. Pitch your tent under the stars and wake up to the serenity of nature before hitting the trails again. And don't forget to explore our "Velo Garage" in Yerevan, a cycling hub and fully-equipped service center where cyclists from around the world gather to explore Armenia's wonders. You may even get a chance to meet Velik, their four-legged companion. Join Velo Club Armenia and pedal your way to unforgettable experiences!


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