Gala Dinner

#Culture and lifestyle




втр, июн 11


июнь 11, 2024


18:00 - 20:00


Extraordinary ambiance

входная плата:

120,000 AMD


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EventToura is hosting an exclusive CHARITY dinner featuring a special set menu. Renowned French-Armenian Chef Alain Alexanian, with 2 Michelin stars to his name, will curate and conduct the culinary experience for the evening. 

The goal of the dinner is to establish an atmosphere where guests can deeply engage with the rich traditions and heritage associated with high-end dinners, fostering a deeper understanding. Notably, the proceeds from these events will contribute to noble causes. 

Alain Alexanyan will curate an exquisite 5-course menu, seamlessly pairing ARARAT brandy and cocktails made of it with culinary masterpieces. Throughout the evening, the Chef, alongside with the mixologist, will guide guests through the intricacies of each dish and beverage, offering insights into pairings, the history of the drink, and the art of savoring them.