About Armenia

Why Armenia?


Whether you are a history addict, nature lover, a foodie, or adventure-seeker, Armenia has something for you.

Visit Armenia to explore historical sites, be in awe of its impressive architecture, take great natural and cultural photographs, enjoy delicious food and drinks, have fun with friends at bars and clubs, and get a good dose of adrenaline-pumping adventurous activities.

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Armenia's Edge


Warm Hospitality

Since our welcoming nature is already the stuff of legends, Armenia might as well be synonymous with hospitality! There are no strangers here - just family you have not met yet. You will feel this vibe across Armenia, including Yerevan and the countryside.


Safety & Comfort

Feel a total sense of security. With a low crime rate, Armenia is an obvious choice for family trips. You can go anywhere, anytime, and feel a sense of belonging. Enjoy late-night walks alone or with your family in Yerevan or any other location in Armenia.


Within Budget

Armenia is an affordable destination. You can enjoy delicious food, travel to various sightseeing places, and have drinks at bars for a truly low price. Armenia is your go-to if you are looking for a quick and refreshingly affordable trip!


All-in-one Destination

Despite its tiny size, Armenia has a lot to offer. Do you want to go hiking? Armenia has more than 60 hiking trails you can take. Want to go on a gastro tour? There are plenty of options to dive into the flavors of local Armenian food and drink. Are you interested in adventure, history, and culture? Go ziplining, rafting, or visit several of our hundreds of tourist attractions.


Our Location

Armenia is located in the Armenian Plateau and occupies a central location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Armenia’s territory is about 29,743 sq kilometers. It is a mountainous country where lovely landscapes can be seen, even from the capital city of Yerevan.

Geographic Facts About Armenia


Highest Point in Armenia

The highest peak in Armenia is Mount Aragats. With a height of 4,090 meters, Aragats offers excellent opportunities for hiking and observing wildlife.


Biggest Supply of Freshwater

Lake Sevan is Armenia's largest water basin. With its height, it is also the second-largest freshwater source in the world, after Lake Titicaca in Peru.


Lowest Point in Armenia

The lowest point in Armenia is the picturesque Debed River Gorge, 380 meters above sea level. It's an excellent location for hiking and enjoying stunning nature scenes.

4 Seasons

With its centralized positioning, Armenia offers four full seasons to enjoy. Snowy winters, warm springs, hot and sunny summers, rainy and colorful autumns — you’ll find a complete package of seasons to experience in Armenia.


Hot Summer

Summers in Armenia are relatively hot and dry. The temperature may reach up to 35 degrees. If you enjoy warm weather and a mild breeze from time to time, visiting Armenia in summer is an excellent choice.


Rainy Autumn

Autumn, the country's rainy season, is a lovely time to visit. Travelers can enjoy a pleasant middle ground between a scorching summer and a freezing winter when the temperature dips a little. With its colorful autumn vibes, Armenia is a lovely destination to visit during fall.


Cold Winter

Armenia's mountainous terrain and high altitude contribute to its generally chilly winters. It can reach up to -7 degrees in Yerevan and -10 degrees in other regions. So, if you want to play with snow, ski, and snowboard or simply enjoy the white magic, you should visit Armenia in the winter.


Warm Spring

Snow starts to melt in March, and Armenia sees snowdrops marking the start of the strolling season. Sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny, spring is a lovely time to visit Armenia. You can feel nature awakening, see trees blooming, and watch flowers blossoming.


Meet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet Yerevan

Meet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet Yerevan

Meet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet Yerevan

Meet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet YerevanMeet Yerevan

Another reason to visit Armenia is to experience one of the world's oldest, yet most modern cities — Yerevan!

Yerevan's architecture, culture, and customs are a harmonious fusion of the old and the new. When you walk around Yerevan, you'll notice both newly constructed buildings with modern architectural design and 19th-century structures with beautiful ornamentation. You can even notice buildings that incorporate old and new elements within a single structure.


Visit Republic Square, Cascade Complex, and Cafesjian Center for Arts, Opera, and Ballet Theater in Yerevan. Walk along Buzandi, Aram, and Abovyan streets to wonder about the oldest structures of Yerevan city. Check the Vernissage and Gum gift markets to take a piece of Armenia home with you.


Why Not Armenia?

If you are still not convinced and continue to ask, "Why Armenia?" continue reading.

This country has so much to offer — from the contrast of ancient monasteries and delectable cuisine to the ruins of unique temples and hip cafés, house museums, cozy inns, markets with handmade carpets, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and brandy, long conversations with toasts and mountain hikes, manuscript depositories and book stores, vintage stores and opulent boutiques, extreme sports, and nightlife.


Thanks to this diversity, Armenia is attractive to people from all walks of life. We are ready to share everything about Armenia and beyond, from touristic must-visit sites to local hidden gems, cultural insights, and traditional tastes. Include Armenia on your bucket list if you want to make lifelong memories.

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