Where to Stay

Whether you want a taste of the outdoors or you’re looking for luxurious comfort, Armenia’s natural hospitality has you covered! Most of the major chain hotels are located in the country's capital, Yerevan, which also offers a wide selection of boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inviting guesthouses. There are many different lodging options for those looking to mix things up a bit.. Whether you prefer to wake up to a spa treatment or a sunrise over the mountains, Armenia has a home for you.


Looking to keep things simple? You can find many of your favorite hotel chains in Yerevan. The city also hosts a number of boutique and locally owned hotels. If you’re staying outside of the capital, options will be primarily domestic hotels. But don’t worry - these local options offer great amenities with local charm!


Whether you’re staying in Armenia’s cultural capital Gyumri, the industrial hub of Vanadzor, or forested Dilijan, Armenia’s local hotels are a reliable option for a unique getaway!



The gently rolling mountains of Armenia are home to a variety of resorts. Staying at a resort allows you to absorb Armenia’s natural, unperturbed beauty without sacrificing the luxuries and amenities of a typical hotel. Many of Armenia’s resorts are concentrated near Lake Sevan, Tsaghkadzor, the spa town Jermuk, and Armenia’s forested pearl, Dilijan. You have a choice between a luxurious resort overlooking Lake Sevan, a chilly winter retreat in Tsaghkadzor, or a leisurely stay in Jermuk.



An immersive cultural experience, guesthouses make for a delicious, unforgettable stay! A less formal alternative to the typical hotel stay, Armenia’s large selection of guesthouses are located both in the cities and rural communities. Guesthouses provide travelers with the opportunity for a more intimate, homey experience and a glimpse into Armenian culture. These guesthouses often have gastro yards, where a local family will treat you with authentic, home cooked meals. First impressions are important, and Armenia’s guesthouses are sure to nail their first impression with affordable pricing, authenticity, and delicious Armenian food. A great way to meet Armenia!



What better way to enjoy Armenia’s dramatic scenery, rushing rivers, and mountainous landscapes than to live amongst her untouched natural beauty? Armenia is home to a host of campsites scattered throughout the country. Many of these options are located in Tavush region, which is no surprise given its expansive mountains and emerald forests. However, campgrounds can be found from top to bottom, with other popular options including Mount Khustup, Vayots Dzor, and Lake Sevan. For those of you with a wild side, you’re in luck - wild camping (camping outside of campgrounds) is permitted anywhere in Armenia. So come to Armenia and answer the call of the wild!



Looking to absorb Armenia’s spectacular natural sights without sacrificing the comforts of modern life? Luckily, glamping options are also available in this breathtaking land. Glamping is a healthy balance between a traditional hotel and all-out camping. Typically, the rooms are covered with a tent with plenty of space, modern amenities, and an on-site staff. Armenia’s glamping options are situated off the beaten track, situated cozily amongst Armenia’s deep gorges and expansive mountains. Many of these glamping sites are located in Lori and Tavush regions. Glamping is the perfect getaway for many because of the alluring balance between nature and civilization!