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Armenian music is a gorgeous synthesis of East and West, evoking the exotic yearning of the Orient with the pleasant excitement of the Mediterranean. Armenian music truly has something for everyone!

Folk Music

Armenian folk music has unmistakably unique traits that can hardly be missed.

National musical giant Komitas (1869–1935) was a pioneer in transcribing Armenian folk music by traveling to villages and preserving music that would otherwise be lost to time, history, and tragedy. His influences can still be felt to this day in contemporary Armenian music.


Currently, several projects aim to preserve and rearrange traditional Armenian music from all the localities where Armenians lived for hundreds of years. Tigran Hamasyan, a contemporary composer and world-renowned pianist, brilliantly blends folk traditions into his unique jazz and rock-inspired music.



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Sabre Dance

Traditional Armenian Musical Instruments

Many indigenous musical instruments, such as pandirs or bambirs, stringed instruments, are mentioned in Armenian history.

There are also more broadly regional instruments, such as the Dhol, a drum held sideways and beaten either by hand or stick. 


The most well-known instrument, however, is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed apricot reed instrument known as the Duduk, whose melancholy sounds have been featured in films such as Blood Diamond, Gladiator, Syriana, The Passion of the Christ, and many more!


Classical Music

You may have heard the famous Sabre Dance by the composer Aram Khachaturian, which was used in a scene in the TV show The Simpsons! Classical music is so important in Armenian culture that the stunning Alexander Spendaryan Opera and Ballet Theater is a prominent landmark in central Yerevan. Regular concerts and performances are staged there and in other locations.

Armenia hosts a number of international classical music festivals, such as the Armenia International Music Festival, Khachaturian International Music Festival, Yerevan Perspectives Music Festival, and more. Many renowned artists are regularly invited to Armenia to perform with symphony orchestras. It’s a great opportunity for tourists to listen to famous violinists, cellists, and vocalists in Armenia.


Jazz Music

Jazz has been a leading musical style in Armenian contemporary music since the 1950s.

Names such as Levon Malkhasyan, Forsh, Arto Tuncboyacyan, and Katuner Band are well-known even to those whose musical taste does not include jazz.


Jazz fans should visit Yerevan, where they may attend the yearly International Yerevan Jazz Fest, which brings together some of the genre's most famous stars or visit one of the city's many jazz clubs.



Religious Music

Armenian medieval chant is based on folk music and musical traditions from the region's churches, including Byzantine, Syriac, and others.

The oldest surviving written pieces of Armenian liturgy are from the 9th century and are written in khazes, the Armenian counterpart of musical notes.


Later, in modern times, renowned composers such as Makar Yekmalyan and Komitas rearranged the traditional liturgy, reintroducing polyphony. Armenian religious music, both serene and inspiring, can be heard in Armenian Apostolic churches and at local concerts.


Modern Armenian Music

Armenian contemporary music is vibrant and distinctive. While some of the modern music may draw inspiration from folk and classical traditions, others might be wholly unrelated to them. Currently, many famous rock bands from Armenia, such as The Bambir, Dogma, Nemra, Savarshavana, Katil, Mikayel Voskanyan, and many others, hold regular concerts for which tickets are available.

Alternative, electronic, and other club music fans will find a lot to their liking at events held in various venues throughout Armenia.