COVID-19 Entry Requirements

Entry restrictions have been completely lifted for travelers entering Armenia, as PCR tests and proof of vaccination status are no longer required.


Entry to The Republic of Armenia continues to remain open via air and land borders.

So enjoy your vacation safely and comfortably!

Emergency Contacts

Fire Department - 101
Police - 102
Ambulance - 103
Gas Emergency Service - 104
Emergency Situations Crisis Management Center - 911
Municipality of Yerevan Hotline - 105
Human Rights Defender of Armenia Hotline - 116
Zvartnots International Airport Hotline - 187

Info Center

There are a number of visitor information centers both in Yerevan and throughout Armenia that can provide reliable and accurate information about the destinations and nearby attractions. Yerevan has three information centers centrally located:


  • The Republic Square: Nalbandyan 2/1, Yerevan
  • France Square: Baghramyan 2/5, Yerevan 
  • HIKEArmenia: Vardanants 5, Yerevan
Info centers in the regions include:
  • Debed Canyon: access road to Debed village, Lori
  • Dilijan: 15/2 Maksim Gorki, Dilijan, Tavush
  • Sevan: Sevan Peninsula, Gegharkunik
  • Garni: 6 Shahumyan, Garni, Kotayk
  • Arpa: 1, 8/1 Yerevanyan Hwy, Yeghegnadzor, Vayots Dzor
  • Goris: 4 Arshakunyats, Goris, Syunik

Mobile & Internet

Mobile services and purchasing SIM cards are very accessible and affordable in Armenia. Plans can be purchased (while showing your passport) for up to $12 USD per month. These plans include unlimited data, SMS, and domestic and international calls to countries like Canada and the US. SIM cards can be purchased at Zvartnots International Airport near the baggage claim, and mobile service providers are located all throughout the city.


Service coverage is also widespread throughout Armenia. Whether you’re in the heart of Yerevan or hiking through Dilijan National Park, you will almost always have good reception.


The official state language is Armenian, while Russian is also widely spoken by most. English is also prevalent, especially among the younger generation. Most of the service industry is likely to speak at least 2 of these languages, and almost every restaurant has trilingual menus (Armenian, Russian, and English). So, bon appétit!


However, a translator app may come in handy if you don’t speak Armenian. Do yourself a favor and download a translator before your arrival to avoid any miscommunication during your time in beautiful Armenia!


  • Want to practice your Armenian? AYOlingo is an Armenian language app where you can start learning the ancient language. 

Driving in Armenia

If you come from a country that’s part of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, you can drive in Armenia without an international driver’s license. Those not from one of the countries listed will have to obtain an international driver’s license to drive legally in Armenia.


There are many international brands offering rental car services in Armenia, and the most affordable models start at about $25 per day.

ATMs & Cash

Although credit cards are widely accepted in Yerevan, Armenia as a whole is not as cashless as other European countries. Therefore, it is recommended to always have cash on you in case you encounter restaurants, markets, or other services that do not accept cards.


The Yerevan metro system works by a coin/token system that costs 100 AMD and can only be purchased in cash. If you are planning on taking a taxi, it’s handy to have cash on you.


Thankfully, there are plenty of ATMs and currency exchange offices in Yerevan. Some of the major supermarkets even have kiosks where you can exchange your currency. Life in Armenia gets rural very quickly, so make sure to always have cash on you - especially when venturing outside of Yerevan.


Power outlets in Armenia are mainly Type C, which is the standard European outlet. You can use your electric appliances in Armenia if the standard voltage in your country is between 220 - 240 V. If the label on your electronic device states 'INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz', then you simply need a Type C travel adaptor and you are good to go! Otherwise, you may also need to invest in a voltage converter. 

Drinking Water

Drinking water in Armenia comes from natural underground sources and is known to be some of the freshest and most delicious in the world. Water has cultural significance in Armenia, and there is even a summer holiday based around water (Vardavar). There are fresh, flowing drinking fountains throughout Yerevan and the rest of the country called pulpulaks. As sources of cold and refreshing mountain spring water, Armenia’s pulpulaks will be your saving grace in the summer months!