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Visual Marvels of Armenia



Why Visit Local Museums and Galleries?

Local museums and galleries will reveal the essence of Armenia and its people. Dedicate at least one day of your visit to discovering the fascinating local visual art.

Armenia has approximately 120 museums and galleries, each representing a different era of Armenia's marvelous culture and the local artist's unique perception of the world. 

Visit galleries to admire unique examples of paintings or stone art, depending on your preferences and interests. In this regard, visit the Museum of sculptor Yervand Kochar and thank us later... 



Want to learn more about the folk art of the Armenian nation? There’s an entire museum in Yerevan preserving the traditions of the locals for you to see. You should also visit the Megerian Carpet Factory and get lost in a space full of unique carpets and rugs with national ornaments dating back centuries. Outside of Yerevan, the Local Lore Museum and Art Gallery in Dilijan will give you more insights into understanding the Armenian nation and the cultural manifestations of the local people.  


Museums and Galleries as a Reflection of the Armenian Nation

Local museums feature a variety of exhibitions, ranging from traditional clothing, jewelry, tools, pottery, and miniature paintings to archaeological finds, stamps, coins, vessels, and statues. Thanks to the range of collections, you have a chance to grasp our country's unique character. 

The language of arts and crafts will help you understand our nation. Go to the National Gallery of Armenia to explore Ivan Ayvazovsky's and Martiros Saryan's striking paintings and artworks. Or stroll through the Cascade Complex and discover the open-air museum of Cafesjian Center for the Arts.