​Climate and Seasons

Whether you’re looking for a winter resort experience or a warm summer getaway, Armenia has you covered. Armenia proudly boasts all four seasons; hot and sunny summers, cozy autumns, white winters, and blooming springs. Armenia is blessed with stunning natural landscapes and diverse geography. Armenia’s biodiversity makes it a prime destination for adventure and exploration. Average summer temperatures are around 30ºC, while Armenian winters average around -5ºC. Winters in Yerevan are mild and with little snow, whereas mountainous gems like Tsaghadzor and Dilijan turn into snowy winter wonderlands. No matter the season, Armenia’s captivating natural beauty welcomes you with open arms. 

Shopping Tips

Armenia has many informal markets, and the capital Yerevan is no exception. You can find local products like handmade silver jewelry, souvenir shops, and up-and-coming local brands. Support the local economy and score a unique souvenir - talk about a win-win! And don’t be afraid to negotiate - there is always a deal to be made! 


Peculiar, noteworthy places to shop while in Yerevan:


The Vernissage - You can find almost anything at this open-air market near Republic Square. With its limitless offerings, this market is open 7 days a week. Whether you’re a bargain hunter, souvenir lover, or just a curious tourist - the Vernissage is a must-see exhibition! 


GUM Market - Candied fruits, massive sheets of lavash, and fresh produce are integral parts of this token of authenticity. Open from 11 am - 5 pm daily and a short 300 km walk from Zoravar Andranik metro station, GUM market is an immersive jewel that has kept true to its roots.


Gold Market - A primary location for gold jewelry in Yerevan. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell jewelry or simply want an off the beaten track experience, the Gold Market and its rustic atmosphere is a unique way to spice things up.


Komitas (Arabkir) Market - A wonderful fusion of food and culture, this market has a delightful selection of inexpensive, farm-to-table produce. Off the radar of most tourists, this bazaar-style market makes for an authentic Armenian experience. 

Useful Applications ​

We live in a digital age, and Armenia is no exception. Here are some useful (and free!) applications that will come in handy during your adventures through The Hidden Track.


Tourism & Adventure

  • HIKEArmenia - see hiking trails throughout the county. 
  • Visit Yerevan - the official tourist app of Yerevan city. 
  • Yerevan Card Tourist Pass - museum access, restaurant discounts, and even metro credit, all in one place! 
  • Visit Gyumri - a wonderful guide to Armenia’s cultural capital. 
  • Yerevan Events - explore Yerevan’s various events and festivals. 
  • - all events in Yerevan.


Transportation & Navigation 

  • Yandex Maps - reliable navigation. 
  • A2B. Yerevan Public Transport - a complete list of public transport in Yerevan. 
  • GG | Yandex Taxi - Armenia’s major taxi/ride-sharing app. 
  • Yerevan Ride - bike sharing. 
  • - this handy app will help you to find timetables of Yerevan and national transport services, transfer stations, and geographic locations of stops and stations.

Food Delivery 

  • | Glovo - food delivery.


Domestic Money Transfer 

  • Idram - payment system in Armenia.
  • Easywallet - fast and secure online payments.


International Money Transfer

  • Ria Money Transfer
  • Xoom by PayPal
  • MoneyGram 
  • Apple Pay 


Language & Translation 

  • AYOlingo - a simple way to become familiar with common Armenian phrases.
  • Yandex Translate 
  • Google Translate 

Travel Tips

Here are a few fun tips to help you get the most out of your trip!


How to say “Thank you” in Armenian - “Shnorakalutyun.” Thankfully, the less formal “Merci” will suffice!


Armenians are not “Morning People”. Stores, restaurants, and even cafés usually open around 10 AM.


“Jan” is a term of endearment used frequently meaning “Dear.”


The natural water fountains scattered across Yerevan are known as “Pulpulaks” and they are so famous that an app was developed to help locals and visitors find the best one.


Armenia is a fruit lover’s paradise! Informal fruit stands bring in the daily harvest fresh from villages, where the fruit is grown naturally. Another reason to keep cash on you!


Armenia is the first country to accept Christianity as the official religion back in 301 AD. Check out some of the centuries-old monasteries and travel back in time!


It is customary to leave a 10% tip while dining. So if you liked the service, tip generously!


Bargaining at markets is a common practice in Armenia, so feel free to test out your negotiation skills.