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Tech Innovations


Technological hub

In 2020, Forbes referred to Armenia as the world’s next tech hub! 

Known as the ‘Silicon Mountain’, Armenia’s high-tech scene is booming as of late, quickly earning a reputation as a center of excellence in the former Soviet state.


IT, software development, and high-tech startups are forming the backbone of a newly tech-emergent country.




Children Of Armenia Fund (COAF) works to bring opportunities for advancement found in large cities to the regions and villages of Armenia.

The unique non-profit has been operating since 2003. COAF SMART Center is a 25K square foot cutting-edge education center, supporting over 2,000 students, in 27 communities, with 19 educational programs that range from engineering, marketing, languages, yoga and dance. 


COAF SMART Center is a non-formal education hub with a curriculum tackling the holistic development of rural children. The curriculum emphasizes novel teaching techniques, leveraging both project-based and action-based learning.

Once they graduate, pupils earn the title of SMART citizens. COAF has established SMART rooms in rural schools, creating incubators of innovation. 


FAST Foundation

Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) has the vision to transform Armenia into a science-driven innovative country by 2041.

The main objectives include advancing scientific discovery, driving innovation, and incentivizing inventions. FAST programs aim to contribute to the advancement of science and technology in Armenia from the perspective of an ecosystem that stands on three main pillars: Education, Research, and Commercialization.


FAST has trained over 200 entrepreneurs and investors, funded over 200 researchers, incubated over 35 startups, funded 21 international Grants research projects, and more.



Quickly earning a reputation worldwide as Armenia’s strongest ‘soft power’ tool, TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is a non-profit that educates teenagers (for free!) in technology, design, engineering, and art in the form of after-school programs.

The first TUMO center opened in Yerevan, Armenia in 2011. In 2019, TUMO announced plans for TUMO Box, a mobile, technically equipped mini-center. Boxes can be installed in any city or village and serve as self-study areas for local youth. TUMO Boxes are spread throughout rural towns in Armenia. TUMO centers have also opened in major international cities, including Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Beirut, and Zürich. More TUMO centers are in the works abroad as Armenia’s gift to the world.



Armath Engineering labs is a non-profit that serves as an introduction to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields for kids aged 10 - 18.

They prioritize robotics, drones, and other high-tech modalities to spark an interest in young children and create the next generation of thinkers, scientists, and Nobel laureates.


Robin the Robot

Robin is an AI-based companion designed to ease anxiety and loneliness among children in hospitals and clinics.

Robin currently operates in 15 different medical settings, including hospitals and dental clinics, and has worked with over 5,000 children. Robin the Robot is a compassionate companion that gives new meaning to bedside manners!


TIME Magazine named Robin the Robot as one of the best inventions in 2021. Karen Khachikyan, entrepreneur and Robin’s proud parent, said that “The goal was to create a technology that’s not just a device—but a peer and friend.” The robot is like a real-life Pixar character that can recognize a child’s emotions and respond based on stored memory, even explaining medical procedures in a simple way.


Armenia’s Unicorns

Armenia’s start-up culture is booming. With companies like PicsArt, ServiceTitan, Krisp, SADA, Scylla, and others expanding globally while creating their own little ‘Google-style’ modern office spaces and work cultures, Armenia’s cities are becoming hip, full of young entrepreneurs and innovators.

The next generation of founders, innovators, global change makers, and leaders can be seen walking the streets of Gyumri, having a coffee while answering emails on their laptops in Yerevan, or doing a company retreat in Goris.


There’s something electric in the air in Armenia - which ranks #1 in the region and 60th on the planet as of 2022 in the Global Startup Ecosystem Index.