Transportation to & from Zvartnots Airport

You've made it off the plane, through passport control, and baggage claim! Thankfully a short 20-minute car ride is all that’s left to get to the heart of Armenia’s ancient capital. Taxis, shuttles, ridesharing apps, and rental cars are all at your disposal, with most services available 24/7.


Taxis cost around 3,000 AMD (a little under 8 USD) each way. With the array of affordable and quick options, you’ll be at your stay in no time.


Airport Express #201 Minibus, goes to and from Yerevan city center to the Zvartnots Airport daily. The Yerevan Airport Express buses depart every half hour from 7am until 10pm daily.


Armenia is home to a handful of cozy railway routes for those looking to enjoy the view while you travel. Beyond getting a taste of Armenian culture, taking the train is a more affordable alternative to taxis or rental cars.  


Armenia’s sole international route is the 10-hour night train to Tbilisi, departing from Yerevan Central Railway Station.  


For a more detailed schedule, click here.


The Yerevan Metro is convenient, classic, and easy to use. Operating with a simple token system, each ride costs 100 AMD (0.25 USD). The metro can take you to the city center and to a handful of Yerevan's major districts. Each station is decorated with national motifs and an antique atmosphere, making it an experience of its own!


  • Tip: Don’t forget to check out the Yandex Metro App for an interactive metro map and route times!
Yerevan Metro Map


Unlike many European and North American countries, taxis are quite affordable in Armenia and therefore they are a prevalent method of transportation. Taxis are not bound to the city, and can take you throughout the entire country. Whether you need to get from Yerevan’s Republic Square, to the marvelous Cascade Complex, or from Gyumri to Dilijan, taxis have got you covered. Given their prevalence and affordability, taxis make a great and convenient option for any traveler.

  • Tip: Download the GG application and/or Yandex Taxi on or before arrival as they will come in handy for your travels through The Hidden Track!

Car Rental

Rental car services are in abundance in Armenia with the cheapest options starting at around 25 USD per day. Keep in mind that only those of you from countries included in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic can drive in Armenia (to see the list, click here). For those of you not from one of those countries, you must have a valid International Driver's License to legally drive in Armenia. Zvartnots Airport hosts a handful of rental car services, with most being available 24/7.


A rental car gives you the freedom to choose your path. From Dilijan’s mountainous forests, refreshing Lake Sevan, or a simple cruise through Yerevan - where will you head first?

Bicycle and Electric Scooter

Looking to quickly zip around the city? Bicycle sharing and e-scooters have hit the streets of Yerevan. Given their speed and simplicity, bikes and e-scooters have become popular methods to get around the city. Yerevan RIDE, JET, and BusyFly are a few options for e-scooters.


Bicycle rental companies are also a great way to see Armenia’s many gems, with bicycle tours offered throughout the country. Ride through the tranquil countryside with Mount Ararat’s snowy peak on the horizon - talk about a hidden treasure!