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Countless museums and galleries are scattered across Armenia

Each of which reveals a new layer of our culture. To catch the visual marvels of Armenia, visit some of the most prominent museums and galleries in Yerevan and the surrounding regions. Check out the list below and make sure to visit a few on your next trip.


History Museum of Armenia (Yerevan)

Home to the oldest leather shoe, old wooden carriages, jewelry, and statues from various eras – the History Museum of Armenia is a must-visit. Located right in the city center, in Republic Square, the History Museum of Armenia best describes Armenian history, culture, architecture, and other spheres containing national identity elements.

Visit the museum to learn about Armenia's past and present and explore the remarkable exhibits from different eras.


The Matenadaran (Yerevan)

If you want to see the most miniature Church Calendar, weighing only 19g, and the biggest Msho Charentir, weighing 27.5kg, don’t miss the chance to visit Matenadaran. Matenadaran has the largest repository of ancient books and manuscripts, having a collection of around 23,000 manuscripts. Since the books and manuscripts are the silent witnesses of our culture, visiting Matenadaran will take you one step closer to understanding Armenians and our peculiarities.

Visit Matenadaran to discover our nation from a more in-depth perspective.


Erebuni Museum (Yerevan)

Located within Yerevan city limits, the Erebuni Museum is one of the most famous spots among foreign visitors. Erebuni Museum is formed on the territory of the Erebuni Fortress and the archaeological site, giving it the advantage of exhibiting valuable findings straight from the excavation sites.

Visit Erebuni, and you will learn a lot about the Urartian civilization and its cultural and architectural manifestations on the territory of current-day Armenia.


Parajanov Museum (Yerevan)

Are you still trying to figure out the local perception of art and its manifestations in modern arts and culture? Then a visit to the Parajanov Museum is what you need. Sergey Parajanov’s unique art specimens, collages, graphics, dolls, and the house itself are one of the most peculiar experiences in Yerevan. You will gain some insights into his way of representing art elements and also learn about his legacy and influence worldwide.

Located on the edge of the Hrazdan Gorge, it also offers lovely views for photography.


Cafesjian Center for Arts (Yerevan)

Cafesjian Center for the Arts is a worthwhile attraction in Yerevan that extends throughout the Cascade Complex. Here you can see a wide range of modern and contemporary art exhibits from around the world, as well as artworks by Fernando Botero, Arshile Gorky, and others.

The museum's internal section houses the works of Grigor Khanjyan, a massive collection of glass exhibits, the “Swarovski Crystal Palace,” and a lot more for you to visit and explore when in Yerevan.


Ararat Brandy Museum (Yerevan)

If you have heard of the legendary Ararat brandy but did not get a chance to taste it, a visit to the Ararat Brandy Museum is a must! You can have a guided tour of the museum to learn about the history of making brandy in Armenia, the process itself, and the distinctive elements of Ararat Brandy.

The museum hall is flavored with the aromas of Armenian brandy. At the end of the tour, enjoy two or three types of brandy aged from 7 to 20 years.


Megerian Carpet Factory (Yerevan)

Did you know carpet-making was a distinctive element of Armenian culture? The vivid proof of this is the Megerian Carpet Factory and the Museum. It is only a 20-minute drive from downtown Yerevan to the territory of Megerian Carpet Factory, which also houses a museum section. You can learn about the natural colors of local carpets, the entire weaving process, and even try it yourself.

At the Megerian Carpet Factory, you will have the chance to check out the collection of some of the oldest rugs and carpets. And if you like any of the carpets made from the factory, you can buy them directly from there at reasonable prices.


Wine History Museum (Sasunik)

Visit the region's one and only Wine History Museum to learn about centuries-old winemaking traditions, grape varieties, and their use in making wine in Armenia. Located in Sasunik Village, the Wine History Museum is just an hour away from Yerevan. You will be amazed at the innovative solutions in the museum representing the development of local viticulture and the winemaking process.

If you also want to get some authentic gifts for your pals, check out the shop for souvenirs and wines. Participate in a wine testing to spice up your visit.


National Museum of Armenian Ethnography (Araks)

If you're still wondering how Armenians defended their motherland and stood firm on these grounds, you should visit Sardarapat Museum. The museum houses a colorful collection of working tools dating back to the Bronze Age, as well as national garments and rugs from the twentieth century.

Raphael Israyelyan, a prominent Armenian architect and sculptor, designed the museum and the Sardarapat Memorial to commemorate the heroic battle of May 1918. Sardarapat Museum, located 30 minutes from Yerevan, is well worth a visit.


Tigran Tsitoghdzyan Art Studio (Dzoraghbyur)

If you are more into contemporary art, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan’s Art Studio will not disappoint. The art studio is in Dzoraghbyur, near Yerevan but in a beautiful and peaceful corner of nature. Tigran is a New York-based visual artist who transformed his summerhouse into a modern art studio that is open every Saturday. The artist's one-of-a-kind works will leave you speechless.

You'll be in one of Armenia's most authentic artistic corners in less than half an hour.