Can’t-Miss Attractions Within an Hour of Yerevan

Can’t-Miss Attractions Within an Hour of Yerevan



There are numerous tourist attractions to visit and explore outside of Yerevan. While there are plenty of options, here is a list of must-see attractions near the city.


  • Garni Temple, Symphony of Stones and Geghard Monastery 
  • Etchmiadzin and Zvartnots Cathedral
  • Ashtarak City with its Gastro Yards
  • Amberd Fortress and Church
  • Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort and Lake Sevan


All of these attractions are within one hour drive from Yerevan. So, get your cameras ready, put on some sunscreen, and hit the road. 


Garni Temple, Symphony of Stones and Geghard Monastery 


Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery, two of Armenia's most popular cultural and architectural structures, are must-sees during your visit. The following are the top three things to do in Garni and Geghard: drink from the pulpulaks (drinking fountains), eat Gata, an Armenian traditional sweet bread with walnuts, and, of course, have a cup of local eastern coffee. To spice up your visit, you can also get down to the gorge and admire the beauty of the Symphony of the Stones, a natural monument in the Azat River valley. 


Etchmiadzin and Zvartnots Cathedral


Include this brief but fascinating excursion on your itinerary. Etchmiadzin and Zvartnots Cathedral will provide you with a religious perspective on local life and people. Visit the main religious site of all Armenians, the Holy Mother See of Etchmiadzin, and explore the architectural developments of past centuries. Meanwhile, stop by the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral on the way and enjoy the striking views of Mt. Ararat in the background. Fingers crossed for a sunny day, and congratulations on the stunning photos you will capture!


Ashtarak City with its Gastro Yards


Ashtarak is only a 30-minute drive from Yerevan, but it has a distinct cultural and architectural vibe.

Come to Ashtarak to explore its historic district and architectural patterns, see the old churches of Spitakavor, Karmravor, Tsiranavor, and St. Mariane, and experience local hospitality and diversity of flavors. Visit Yeganyan's Gastro and Wine Yard, Ashtarakats, and Tatoents Qotuk to meet the locals and sample delectable Armenian cuisine. You can also attend master classes in gata and lavash baking, sujukh, and arishta-making, all of which are traditional to Ashtarak and the Aragatsotn region.


Amberd Fortress and Church


Amberd Fortress is stunning in all seasons. So, if you're looking for things to do near Yerevan, a visit to the medieval fortress and church on the slopes of Aragats Mountain is always a good idea. The fortress was built in the 10th century and is still one of Armenia's most fascinating attractions. The fortress' magnificent walls, palace ruins, royal bath, and the small Vahramashen church (St. Astvatsatsin or Holy Mother of God church) blend in with the natural surroundings.


Tsakhkadzor Resort and Lake Sevan


Tsakhkadzor is a popular destination for those who want to ski but return to Yerevan in under an hour. Tsakhkadzor offers skiing, snowboarding, ziplining, and fine dining in the winter. Khash, an Armenian soup worth trying in cold weather, preferably early in the morning, is a must-try dish in Tsakhkadzor. Tsakhkadzor is located in the same general direction as Lake Sevan. So, continue driving and take in the breathtaking views of Armenia's blue beauty. When in Sevan, try the fish gata made from Sevan Trout.


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Published on July 26, 2023