Republic Day

Republic Day




Tue, May 28


May 28, 2024


Across Armenia

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The First Republic of Armenia was established in 1918 by the National Council of Armenia. During this 2.5-year period before the Soviet Union period, the parliament was elected, the government was formed and the Armenian Tricolor was adopted as the national flag of the state. The independency day commemorates the battle of Sardarapat and people gathered at the memorial. Sardarapat monument is composed by a huge red tufa winged oxen guarding the entryway on either side. A square with a 26-meter-tall bell tower rises from it can be reached by a set of stairs. From a distance, one can see the trellised building with its twelve bells. Every year on the anniversary of the illustrious victory, the bells ring. A memorial garden honoring the martyrs of Arstakh flanks the monument, which is defended by enormous lions with Armenian wings in the form of antiquity. Armenians also organize pilgrimages to Lori where is located the memorial of Bash-Aparan's battles. Most of the celebrations, concerts and fireworks are held in the Republic Square in Yerevan.