Science and Business Days 2023

Science and Business Days 2023


Fri, Dec 01 - Sat, Dec 02


December 01, 2023


The Gabriel Sundukyan State Academic Theatre, Yerevan

entrance fee:

From 10,000 to 500,000 AMD


The Ministry of Economy of Armenia on December 1-2 is organizing the annual Science and Business Days 2023.


Science & Business Days is a valuable platform for scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors from Armenia and around the World to network and explore opportunities for collaboration that drives innovation and economic growth.

This year, along with prominent Armenian speakers, we have the honor to welcome a special guest Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a visionary thinker, scholar, author of several bestsellers such as "The Black Swan" and "Antifragile". His insights and knowledge will inspire and encourage us to approach innovation from a fresh perspective.


Join us for an exciting two-day event that explores the intersection of science and business, and the potential for their collaboration to drive innovation and economic growth.

100% of the proceeds will be transferred to finance the needs of the people forcibly displaced from Artsakh․