11 Parks and Natural Attractions of Yerevan

11 Parks and Natural Attractions of Yerevan

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Rural Armenia is full of beautiful waterfalls, mountains, lakes and canyons. So what should you do if you're craving nature, but you can’t manage to get out of the city? You don’t have to leave Yerevan to find a picnic spot, a green space to relax with a book, or a good park to enjoy a run or walk. Read on!


Botanical Gardens 


This 80 hectare/200 acre protected space offers a greenhouse, plant collections and both paved and wooded dog-friendly trails. The local Triathlon Club organises free monthly 5k runs in the park on the last Saturday of the month. Parking is included with the 500 AMD (roughly 1 EUR)  entrance fee. You can pay by cash or card. 


Jrvezh Forest Park 


Located just 20 minutes outside of Yerevan, this park offers beautiful views of Mt. Ararat, at least 10 kilometres of dog-friendly trails, a stately thoroughfare of lombardy poplars, and picnic spots. The launchpad of Armenian Helicopters is located here! There is no fee to enter the park and there are ample parking spots along the main road.


Children’s Railway 


Walk from the Seasons Park in downtown Yerevan through the (delightfully) eerie pedestrian tunnel to reach the Hrazdan Gorge. Because the road there is wooded on both sides and not too busy with cars, this is a popular place for runners. If you walk straight toward the river and take a left, you’ll enter the Children’s Railway park. Walk down the steps to see the old railcar that used to take schoolkids for a short ride by the river. Although it no longer operates, the path next to the railroad is a cool and popular escape from the city bustle. 


Lovers’ Park


This is a beloved green space next to the parliament building and across the street from the American University of Armenia. Take a break here and enjoy a mosey through the gravel paths that meander around manicured gardens, trees, and a small pond. As the name would suggest, you’ll see couples spending time together on the benches. Many locals enjoy working at the outdoor cafes in nice weather.


Yerevan Zoo 


Established in 1940, the 35-hectare Yerevan Zoological Garden is open every day of the week and offers various family price packages. It boasts approximately 2,750 animals, including lions, tigers, elephants, and local endangered species such as the Caucasian leopard, the red deer, and Bezoar goats. For adults, the entrance ticket costs 800 AMD on weekdays and 1,200 AMD during weekends. Kids can enter for 500 AMD on weekdays and 600 AMD during weekends.


English Park


As the first public park established in Yerevan (1850), this space boasts tall oak trees and a large fountain. It’s a haven with a long history, hidden away behind the Italian and French Embassies and Sundukyan Theatre. Here, you can enjoy a coffee at the open-air Theatre Cafe, swing in a hammock, check out the planetarium, walk your dog or simply enjoy the greenery and shade from one of the many benches. There are several reasons why it’s called “English” park, one of which being that from above, it resembles the British flag. See if you can find the cool mural of the London Bridge! 


Children’s Park 


This fenced in park is located near the Yerevan Municipality building and houses two cosy cafes, lots of benches, a network of paved paths and large shady trees. Directly parallel to this space is the new Vardanyans’ Park which is popular with young families and bustling in the summertime due to its colourful dancing fountains. 


Yerevan Cascade 


Built in 1980, this architecturally magnificent monument is one of the most beloved and renowned in Yerevan. Leading up to its massive set of travertine stairs, you’ll find the perfectly manicured Cafesjian gardens with its set of unique statues. If you climb the five terraces (with a total of 572 steps), you’ll be rewarded by a gorgeous view of Mt. Ararat on a clear day. The sunrise and sunset there is breathtaking. Treat yourself with a cold drink at one of the many restaurants and coffee shops nearby.


Victory Park and Mother Armenia


If you keep walking up past Cascade, you’ll reach the obelisk dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Soviet Union in Armenia. Continue onward and cross the street to reach Victory Park. This is a great place to take the kids! Here you’ll find cafes, wooded paths, a pond with paddle boats and lots of amusement rides including a new ferris wheel with 360 views of the surrounding mountains. Older visitors will enjoy visiting the Soviet-era Mother Armenia statue and the Museum of Military History that it houses in its base. 


Salt Lake 


Believe it or not, there’s a salt lake located on the outskirts of Yerevan. During the summer months, you can float and soak in this unique body of water which is divided into two parts. The larger part is about 15% saline, while the smaller pond has a higher saline content of 25%. Many people with aches and pains hang out in the smaller pond for its therapeutic properties. There’s also a refreshing little waterfall near the lake. Within walking distance, you can find the lake of Vardavar Park, named after Armenia’s beloved water holiday. 


Tumanyan Park (TUMO Park) 


Providing a panoramic view of the Hrazdan Gorge, this spacious park offers benches, paved paths, beanbag chairs at its cosy cafe, and public toilets. Lots of young people hang out here as it’s really an extension of the neighbouring TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, an informal education space for kids and teens. Outdoor performances are sometimes staged here. See if you can find the statue of Anush and Saro, the star-crossed protagonists of Tumanyan’s famous poem. 


So, there you have it; you don’t have to leave Yerevan to get your nature fix! 

Published on June 10, 2024