Best Spots to Catch Stunning Fall Foliage

Best Spots to Catch Stunning Fall Foliage




Welcome to Armenia’s magical autumn season, where the colors of nature are on full display! Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a photographer, or simply seeking a new adventure, Armenia’s fall foliage is something you don’t want to miss. With its diverse topography, our country offers several locations for impressive autumn vibes in Yerevan and the outlying regions. Continue reading to find the top spots to catch stunning fall foliage in Armenia.


In Yerevan


Many parks and gardens in Yerevan have beautiful fall foliage, but we recommend visiting the Botanical Garden and the Children's Railway to see the vibrant autumn colors. These areas transform into magical places in the fall, ready to host thematic photoshoots or simply welcome autumn lovers to admire the beauty of soon-to-sleep nature.


North of Yerevan


Another option for seeing spectacular fall colors is to drive to the countryside. If you are traveling north of Yerevan, stop at Tsakhkadzor and take the ropeway to see the vibrant colors of fall foliage from above. Got more time? Perfect! Drive further north to visit Lake Parz and Lake Gosh in Dilijan National Park. Take one of the National Park's hiking trails and immerse yourself in the beauty of the lush forests in autumn colors. Hike to the Lastiver waterfalls from Yenokavan village. You can also go horseback riding, which is a great way to enjoy the autumn colors. This trip will undoubtedly impress you and, of course, provide you with a plethora of cool photos to add to your Instagram feed! Last but not least, visit Dendropark in the Lori region, and uncover an enchanted forest full of autumn vibrancy. Dendropark is home to over 500 different plant species, each with a unique color transmission during the fall season.


The hike from Lake Parz to Lake Gosh will take your breath away with its breathtaking views. So, don't be afraid to include this hike in your travel itinerary for unforgettable memories.


South of Yerevan


On your way to the south of Armenia? Wonderful! You can visit Jermuk, a picturesque spa town surrounded by lush forests. During the fall, it feels like the entire city turns to gold, orange, and red. You should also visit Jermuk Waterfall in the Arpa River Gorge to make your fall pictures even more charming. A little further south, the Tatever Aerial Tramway and Tatev village in the Syunik province will provide you with the most incredible views of fall foliage. Scenic views of surrounding small villages hidden in forests open up from Tatev Monastery. If you are a photographer, you will surely appreciate those views.


The Noravank Monastery, with its surrounding red cliffs and thin forests in autumn foliage, is another dream location for stunning photographs!


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Published on July 04, 2023