Impressive Soviet Architecture to See in Armenia

Impressive Soviet Architecture to See in Armenia




If finding unique Soviet-era architecture jewels while traveling is your hobby, Armenia should be on the top of your list. Seventy years as part of the Soviet Union, Armenia is home to some of the most impressive Soviet-era architecture, including bus stations, recreation houses, restaurants, bridges, and many others.


While you can observe some examples of Soviet modernist architecture nearly anywhere you go in Armenia, in this post, we will note some specific locations worth checking when you are here.


Soviet Architecture in Yerevan


You can start exploring some impressive Soviet architecture right from our capital city.


Aragil Restaurant, Victory Park


Visit Victory Park to see Aragil restaurant – a classic example of Soviet-era architecture. The building is stunning with its unique circular design and soaring columns. Enjoy the breathtaking panorama views of Yerevan and capture some fantastic pictures. 


Yeritasardakan Metro Station


If you’re a fan of contemporary design, don’t miss Yeritasardakan metro station and marvel at its bold, minimalist aesthetic. It is a true masterpiece of modernist architecture, boasting sleek lines and an innovative design. The station is a true work of art with its arches and intricate tilework.


Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex


As a vivid example of Soviet modernist architecture, the Sport and Concert complex is a must-see. From its sleek, modern exterior to its spacious, expertly designed interiors, the Karen Demirchian Complex is a true architectural masterpiece. You can walk all the stairs up to the complex and marvel at the sculptures at the entrance. Remember to walk around the complex and observe the architectural solutions from all sides.


Yerevan Train Station of Sasuntsi David


Another metro station representing Yerevan’s Soviet past is Sasuntsi David station, featuring bold lines and grand, imposing structures. You will see the building as you walk down Tigran Mets Street, on the right, behind the Statue of Sasuntsi David (David of Sassoun). Walk inside and admire the typical Soviet-style interior. The metro station hosts various events several times a year, including outdoor markets and exhibitions. 


Soviet Architecture Outside Yerevan


Soviet Architecture was not limited to the cities – it was also present in rural areas. So, even if you travel outside of Yerevan, you can find unique examples of Soviet architecture. Pay special attention to the metal statues, stone-built bus stations covered in mosaics, and World War II monuments. Below are some excellent recommendations for Soviet architecture outside of Yerevan.


Garoun Cinema in Vagharshapat


This classic Soviet-era cinema in Vagharshapat is a must-see for both film fans and architecture buffs. The towering columns, in particular, are worth including in your cinematic photographs. This movie theater is a stunning example of Soviet design and a good location for thematic photoshoots. So, grab your camera and capture some good shots during sunset.


Iron Fountain, Gyumri


When visiting Gyumri, take a moment to drive to the Iron Fountain, a fascinating Soviet industrial design. Built in the 1980s, the fountain is made entirely of iron and features intricate geometric patterns. You may find the surrounding abandoned, but that is precisely what makes the Iron Fountain and the location excessively charming.


Writers' Resort, Sevan


Nestled in the beautiful Sevan Lake region, the Writers' Resort is a vivid example of Soviet times architecture. The Writers’ House boasts breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The structure and its impressive design solutions can be seen from Sevanavank Monastery, but walk down toward it for a closer look.


Five-Winged Star Monument, Dilijan


This striking monument, located in the town of Dilijan, features five towering wings arranged in a star pattern. The completely white-colored memorial stands out from the green surrounding of Dilijan forests, making the structure a top destination for photoshoots. You can see the monument well enough from a distance standing on Sharambeyan Street (Old Dilijan Complex) or get closer to it to feel its magnificence.


Armenia is waiting for you to uncover a new layer of its cultural heritage, whether from the past century or dozens of centuries back. Just use #TheHiddenTrack to keep us a part of your discoveries!

Published on July 28, 2023