Solo Travel Across Armenia

Solo Travel Across Armenia

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If you’re a solo traveler seeking adventure, new cultural vibes, and breathtaking landscapes, a dose of Armenia is what you need. 


Solo travel in Armenia is a pleasant and uplifting experience, full of joyful moments with locals. So why not take a leap and discover our incredible country for yourself?


Research, plan, and pack your bags – your adventure begins here. 


What to Do as a Solo Traveler 


You can do plenty of things in Armenia as a solo traveler. You can join a group tour to uncover the cultural treasures of our country, visit religious sites, fortresses, old monasteries, and churches, or hike the mountains and be mesmerized by the beautiful scenery. 

If you want to explore the capital city of Yerevan as a local, you can join walking tours across the historic districts of Yerevan with a local tour guide and discover the narrow streets of Kond, the cozy corners of Firdus quarter, or get a cup of coffee and enjoy the singing fountains at the Republic Square in the evenings. 


It seems like a lot to do, but wait, there is more! 


If you are more fond of the calm and quiet, you can join local workshops, such as pottery making, painting, and soap making. You can also participate in food masterclasses, such as lavash baking, vodka and winemaking, tolma, harissa, arista making, and many other unique and local experiences. Fortunately, such workshops are available in Yerevan and the surrounding areas, where they can be combined with sightseeing.


Armenia – Ranked as One of The Safest Countries in The World


Armenia is a safe destination for solo travelers, with a low crime rate and friendly locals who are happy to help. You will always feel secure and at ease wherever you go at any time of the day, whether it is the capital of Yerevan or the other regions. 

Attention, female travelers! When it comes to helping others, especially women, the locals are very respectful and friendly. So, enjoy our country to the fullest and in safety.


Some Tips for Solo Traveling in Armenia


Tip #1 

Read our “A Local’s Guide to Accessible Armenia: Things to Do, Where to Stay and How to Get Around” blog post. It will give you an insight into the best activities available in our country and make it easy for you to create your itinerary and discover some hidden gems that most tourists miss on ordinary sightseeing trips.


Tip #2

Go through the map, especially if you are hitchhiking. You might need to find the places you want to visit on your own, so whether it’s a physical or digital map, allocate some time to examine it. 


Tip #3

Want to experience the real Armenia? Use any chance you get to socialize with the locals, learn their stories, and make lifelong memories. The best way to learn the most about our nation and country is to communicate with our people․ Everyone here is your friend!


On your solo trip to Armenia, be sure to capture and share the memories you made with your new Armenian friends on your Instagram feed. Also, don’t forget to use #TheHiddenTrack to keep us a part of your memorable journey across Armenia.

Published on July 26, 2023