The Best Souvenirs, Presents, and More to Bring Home from Armenia

The Best Souvenirs, Presents, and More to Bring Home from Armenia





If you're looking for souvenirs, check out the Vernissage Flea Market, Dalan Art Gallery, and several other stores on Abovyan Street. Learn about some cool spots for souvenir shopping and more by visiting the Top 5 Shopping Places in Armenia. Here are some of the most “Armenian” gifts you can bring home from our country. 


Wine & Brandy 


If you've been in Armenia for a few days, you've most likely had a sip of fine local wine, so you already know why they're special. So why not bring a bottle or two with you? Be sure to check with the airline’s regulations on liquids and alcohol. Brandy is another popular option. Regular-sized or mini bottles are available at almost every local supermarket, making them an ideal Armenian gift for friends and family.


Tip: Take a tour of a brandy factory and sample a few different options before selecting your favorite one.


Dried Fruits


If you visit Armenia during the summer, you will have the opportunity to sample the most delicious and juicy fruits fresh from the food market or gardens. However, you do not need to be concerned about a lack of fruits on your winter visits, as there are a wide variety of dried fruits to choose from! You'll love the dry apricots, peaches, plums, watermelon, and figs, but don't forget to taste and enjoy the dried tomatoes as an exceptional food experience. Locals prepare dried fruits during summer and use those in the winter. The best part is you can take those unique flavors of sunkissed fruits from Armenia with you as a present for your family!


Armenian Carpets


Carpets and rugs are another wonderful gift from Armenia. Fortunately, you can find local carpets in all sizes at the Vernissage Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday, as well as other souvenir shops and the Megerian Carpet Factory. Armenian carpets and rugs, known for their intricate designs and high quality, make a valuable and ideal gift. It's worth noting that in the past, families would give carpets to newlyweds, so if you're feeling creative and have a wedding coming up, bring a small piece of Armenian carpet with you!


Pomegranate and Ararat Symbols


Do you want to keep things simple? Then purchase souvenirs with pomegranate and Ararat symbols - a great way to show you've visited Armenia! Pomegranate symbols can be found on silver and gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, headbands, scarves, t-shirts, socks, and utensils. Any of these would make an excellent Armenian gift! You can also find merchandise with the iconic Ararat Mountain. The Ararat symbol can be found on everything from magnets to clothing, jewelry to wooden artwork and pottery art pieces.


Choose something special to remind you of the emotions you felt while visiting Armenia to keep your Armenia trip and travel memories alive.

Published on February 15, 2024