Voices from Our Collective Past

Voices from Our Collective Past

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So., Sep 03 - Di., Sep 03


September 03, 2023


History Museum of Armenia, Yerevan


2,500 AMD


The History Museum of Armenia together with the Tufenkian Artisan Carpets opened the temporary exhibition "Voices from Our Collective Past: The Artistry of 19th century Armenian Carpets from the James Tufenkian Collection" at the History Museum of Armenia.

Conceived by AHA collective under the curation of Nairi Khatchadourian, the body of materials included in the exhibition are unique pieces of 19th-century Armenian carpets from the private collection of James Tufenkian, showing the wide range and scope of the rich Armenian carpet weaving tradition.

James Tufenkian’s carpet collection is displayed in dialogue with a collection of archival photographs from the early 20th century, taken during different field trips by the team of ethnographers of the History Museum of Armenia, and studio portraits from photographer Dimitri Yermakov. The latter serve as important ethnographic records of the Armenians’ practice of carpet-making and their use and meaning in everyday life throughout the ages. Contemporary photographs from Armenia and Artsakh, along with an audiovisual documentation of the factory of the Tufenkian Artisan Carpets, help one delve deeper and understand the context of Armenian carpet-making yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

The exhibition is on view to the public for one year until from September 3, 2024. Various events around the exhibition, the collector, and the art of Armenian carpets will be organised throughout the year.



The price of the entry ticket will be discounted by 50 percent (1,250 AMD) for:

  • pensioners and refugees who are citizens of the Republic of Armenia
  • school children over 12 years of age of the Republic of Armenia
  • students of the Republic of Armenia