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Tue, Feb 13


February 13, 2024


Across Armenia

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The roots of this celebration are from the Armenian pagan tradition. The Zoroastrian holiday of Trndez, which commemorates the arrival of spring and fertility, has its roots in ancient pre-Christian Armenian sun and fire worship. We celebrate the young adults and newly-weds by making a bonfire in front of their houses, which is a symbol of purification, and they have to jump over the fire for luck, prosperity, and fertility.  People hold hands and circle the fire seven times while it continues to burn strongly, and people jump over it three times in the hopes that the flames will touch them. It is believed that a child will soon be born to a newlywed couple if the flames touch them as they jump over it. If the fire reaches the unmarried, legend said that they will soon be married. Songs and dances are played while people of all ages jump over the bonfire.


Illustration by Tamara Kaghzvantsyan