Top 5 Shopping Places in Armenia

Top 5 Shopping Places in Armenia





Got some time for shopping? Wonderful! 

Armenia is a small country, but it has many shopping areas where you can pick up some fantastic souvenirs. Here are the five shopping spots we recommend. 


Vernissage Flea Market 


A Sunday morning stroll through the Vernissage flea market is a must. Magnets, scarves, handmade jewelry, wooden artworks, paintings, and kitchenware are all available here, and if you're looking for antiques, the Vernissage market is the best place to go. You will also notice Armenian rugs and carpets with traditional design patterns. Another thing to admire is the local silver jewelry. The pomegranate design is prominent in most silver works. So, if you want to buy souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones, Vernissage is your best bet. Although the market is open daily, Saturdays and Sundays are the most crowded days since the majority of sellers present their goods during the weekend.


Gum Market for Food and Delicacies


Gum Market is the biggest farmer’s market in Yerevan. It's located near the city center and offers various goods for sale, including fresh fruits, vegetables, dried peaches, apricots, tomatoes, nuts, basturma, and meat sujukh. There are also food stalls to try different kinds of Armenian dishes such as khachapuri (cheese bread), lavash (flatbread), lahmajoon (smeared pizza), or dolma (stuffed grape leaves), so if you are in a hurry, and a bit hungry, you will definitely find something to beat your hunger at GUM. If you're looking for something sweet, try sujukh made of walnuts and fruit syrups, or "pakhlava" pastries. If none of these appeal to your taste buds, some freshly baked pies will! Hospitality Alert: People here are extremely friendly. They will offer for you to taste some goods they sell, but you are not obliged to buy things you don't like.


Branded shops on Northern Avenue and Surroundings 


There are a few places in Armenia that you should visit if you are looking for branded clothing and accessories. Of course, visiting shopping malls such as Dalma, Yerevan Mall, or Megamall is always an option, but right in the city center, on Northern Avenue and the surrounding streets, there are several quality branded shops for you to enjoy some quality shopping time. Tashir Street shopping center, located beneath Northern Avenue, also has excellent examples of local footwear, clothing, sunglasses, and toy brands. There are also many handmade goods and items available. So, if you want to do some shopping in the city center, save this address to your map!


Dalan Art Gallery 


A trip to Dalan Art Gallery is a treat. It is located in the city center, on Abovyan Street. If you are interested in Applied Arts, you will certainly enjoy this gallery. Dalan Art Gallery is an exceptional art corner in Yerevan and is definitely worth visiting. Not only can you look around and admire the artwork by various local artists, but you can also buy some local souvenirs and gifts. The art gallery is open all week, from 10 AM to 12 AM. 


Gold Market 


Visit the gold market on Khorenatsi Street and explore the diverse examples of gold (and silver) jewelry. The market is located in the center of Yerevan, so you will only need a little time to get there.  With a wide range of stores selling all kinds of gold jewelry, the gold market is a nice place to visit, even if you’re not buying anything. Armenia may not have abundant natural gold resources, but Armenian jewelers have exceptional taste. You can find everything from simple bracelets and necklaces to elaborate rings and earrings. Bargaining is also possible; depending on what you're looking for, pieces start as low as $50.

Published on July 10, 2023