DIY Field Trips for Children in Yerevan

DIY Field Trips for Children in Yerevan




Fun times with your kids await you in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan. If you are looking for an entertaining and educational way to spend time with your kids, look no further than these do-it-yourself field trips!


From exploring a miniature railway to observing exotic animals, these adventures will surely delight kids of all ages. Find the best DIY Field Trips for Kids as well as all the information you need to plan a wonderful time with your family in this post.


A Visit to Children’s Railway


What better place to go on the first DIY field trip in Yerevan than the Children's Railway, the city's most vibrant, authentic, and kid-friendly area? It is close to the city's center and situated in the Hrazdan Gorge. You can take the railway with your kids and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take some adorable photos of the station, the colorful trains, and the stairs leading to the gorge. Up the stairs, there is a small garden with carousels that can entertain the kids while you take your time breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the birds singing.


Remember to enter the Railway Station itself to see the impressive glass art on the windows, arches, and columns inside.


A Stroll in the Botanical Garden


Want to get away from city noises and still be in Yerevan? No worries, the Botanical Garden is just a 20-minute drive from the city center. Head over to the Botanical Garden for a leisurely stroll. This garden is home to over 2,000 species of plants worldwide, including Armenia’s native flora. On the grounds of the garden, you and your kids are welcome to ride bicycles or scooters. Also, since the botanical garden is home to several bird species, you can take some sunflower seeds to feed sparrows and tits. Bring binoculars to engage your kids in birdwatching as well – an activity they will certainly enjoy. Purchase tickets to get inside the greenhouse to observe some unique plants and trees.


A Day in Yerevan Zoo


Another DIY field trip for kids in Yerevan is to spend a day at Yerevan Zoo. It is a little wilder of an adventure, but your kids will surely love the time spent in this cozy place. The Yerevan Zoo is home to many wildlife representatives, including leopards, elephants, tigers, bears, and more! You can admire the rare bird species that call the area home, and the monkey enclosure will undoubtedly have your family laughing. Your children will enjoy learning about the habitats and behavior of these wonderful animals up close. The zoo also has a playground and petting zoo for younger kids.


The park is open daily, from 10 AM to 5 PM (on Monday, the park operates 11 AM- 5 PM).


Walk in Victory Park


Last but not least, Victory Park, Mother Armenia Monument, and the amusement park are all wonderful destinations to take your kids. Victory park is a favorite among locals for its beautiful city views, lovely alleys for  strolls, carousels, and attractions. Located a bit north of Yerevan City Center, you can reach there by walking high up the Cascade Complex till the end or taking a taxi. The park also offers opportunities for recreation, including cycling and rollerblading, making it an excellent way for kids to burn off some energy. Enjoy your time spent at Victory Park, and don’t hold back from tasting the cotton candy and traveling back to your childhood! 


These DIY field trips are perfect for families exploring Yerevan at their own pace. So, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a day of adventure with your kids in one of these locations!

Published on July 25, 2023