We Are Our Mountains

We Are Our Mountains

#Culture and lifestyle




Fr., Jul 19 - Sa., Jul 20


Juli 19, 2024


Ijevan, Lusahovit, Sevkar




The Ijevan Community, through our project “We Are Our Mountains ,” is delighted to announce the organization of a Cultural Festival on July 19-20, 2024. This event will be a vibrant celebration of our cultural heritage and community spirit, taking place across the Ijevan multi-settlement community. The festival will be hosted in the settlements of Ijevan, Kirants and Lusahovit, with active participation from the residents of all settlements. 

The primary goal of this Community Festival is to foster cultural and economic vitality within our multi-settlement community. By hosting such initiatives, we aim to strengthen cooperation and promote the cultural industry in the region. A two-day comprehensive cultural and entertainment agenda awaits the residents and guests of the Community.