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The Capital City of Yerevan

The Capital City

Welcome to Yerevan, one of the oldest and trendiest cities in the world, which has transformed over time while preserving its unique characteristics.

Yerevan will never cease to impress you with its brilliant hues and active lifestyle. Do not worry, though, even if this is not your first visit. There is never a dull moment in Yerevan.

The brand-new restaurants, pubs, and cafés with unique concepts are the new signature offerings of Yerevan. Check the venues on Parpetsi, Aram, and Pushkin Streets to enjoy talented local bands and singers while having a distinctive meal from a local chef or a unique cocktail by a local bartender. You should also taste the top traditional dishes, such as barbeque, tolma, harissa, or ghapama, that form the usual menu of locals. Ask for those at any restaurant in Yerevan, and get ready for one of the most fascinating gastronomic experiences of your life.


Local authentic offers make Yerevan a charming city. Do you want to zipline right in the city? Go for it; there is a zipline park in Yerevan. Or check the play schedule and book a ticket to enjoy an opera, ballet, or a theatrical performance. Are you looking for a fun time with your family? Visit amusement parks or malls located in Yerevan. If you prefer calm and quiet evenings, it’s worth a trip to the Boghossian Gardens, Lover’s Park, English Park, and Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park. You should definitely taste the legendary Ararat brandy with chocolate or peaches. While these are only a few suggestions for things to do in Yerevan, you can create your own amazing experiences here if you simply book your flight


How to Tour in Yerevan

Yerevan city center is small but rich with sightseeing places. In case you have limited time in Yerevan, here is an outline of the places you can go on foot to explore Yerevan – the city of old and new. Don't forget to stop for delicious snacks between the sites.

Start your journey in Yerevan's Republic Square and take in the stunning ornaments and decorations of the neoclassical buildings that surround the city center. Continue your walk to the Opera and Ballet Theater on Abovyan Street and take in the stunning architecture from the 19th century. From there, take a short stroll to Cascade Complex, where you can browse the outdoor collection of modern art before ascending the stairs to take in the breathtaking view of Yerevan with Mount Ararat in the background. Finally, if you still have time, stroll over to Victory Park to see the statue of Mother Armenia and capture some lovely panoramic pictures of Yerevan.

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Yerevan – Coming from the Past

Did you know Yerevan is over 2800 years old? The oldest city, called Erebuni, was built on the territory of Yerevan in 782 BC. The town has been continuously inhabited over the following centuries, making Yerevan one of the oldest cities in the world!

If you visit Yerevan's History Museum, you will see Yerevan's "Birth Certificate." Funny, but true! A cuneiform inscription was found within the city limits of Yerevan, stating the year of Yerevan's construction by Urartian King Argishti. The best way to prove this is to take a walk through Yerevan and look at the buildings, which serve as silent witnesses to both the past and the present.

When talking about Yerevan's age from the Urartian period, it would be a mistake to miss the Erebuni Fortress. Yerevan got its name from Erebuni, with the letter B changing to the letter V over time. On the territory of Erebuni Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, you can observe the findings from the area exhibited in the museum building and tour Erebuni Fortress to admire the historical layers found thanks to archaeological excavations. To understand the connection between Erebuni and Yerevan and the overall bond with the Urartian Civilization, a visit to the Erebuni Fortress and museum is a must.

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Yerevan is also known as the pink city!

Since most of the buildings in Yerevan were built using pink tufa stone, the city is also called the pink city.


Yerevan's current city plan was designed in the 20th century by architect Alexander Tamanyan.

When you visit Cascade Complex, you can see Alexander Tamanyan's statue, with the downtown's scaled model to the right of the statue.


The longest avenue in Yerevan is Arshakunyats Avenue, around 6,000 meters in length.

Arshakunyats Avenue stretches from the Yerevan Circus building to the entrance of Yerevan from Ararat province. A few other long avenues include Mesrop Mashtots, Admiral Isakov, and Myasnikyan.