Virtual Tours of Armenia

Virtual Tours of Armenia

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When you can't go on an explorative journey, why not bring the journey to you?

Can’t yet make it to Armenia? Well, we might have just what you need. Here are some virtual tours you can take in Armenia to get a much-needed distraction while exploring some of the historical, cultural and innovative gems that the country has to offer. 

All of this from the comfort of your own home!​


3D Project by TUMO


TUMO is a free education center specializing in technology and design for teenagers. For a 3D project, the students have created virtual trips to Armenian historical and cultural monuments with the aim of preserving and further studying their historical structures.


Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory


A mind-blowing trip back in time inside one of the most important astronomical centers in Western Europe and the Middle East region both on scientific devices and achievements level.

Founded in 1946 on a scenic placement on the southern slope of Mt. Aragats, this scientific architectural wonder includes telescope towers, and all its annexes from laboratories to halls and guest-houses. A discovery not to be missed! Let your journey begin.




A virtual tour inside the 13th-century small and hidden monastery, located in the Tavush province, deep within the picturesque forest of Dilijan. Get there with just one click.

History Museum of Armenia


Get inside the museum and take a look at ancient archeological and cultural finds that have marked the evolution of History and Man. The museum displays endless cultural and historical artifacts coming from pre-historical periods of Armenia. Some of them date back to the Stone Age. 

This is a cozy museum, where the richness and diversity of the exhibits that you will encounter here will no doubt leave you impressed! Click here so that discoveries begin.


​360° Stories of Armenia 


This website offers 360° stories via high-definition photographs and videos in the capital Yerevan, or Garni, Geghard, Echmiadzin and many more must-see destinations throughout Armenia.

A special plus is that the visuals are accompanied by interesting and insightful written and audio content to add up to the overall experience. Start your exciting journey through Armenia

​And here is a glimpse of some of their 360° stories:


Matenadaran 360°


Explore one of the world's largest and most precious repositories of manuscripts and the largest of Armenia. The collection is included in UNESCO's Memory of the World International Register list. Not only is the museum well known for its historical manuscripts, but also its monumental and imposing edifice is a must-see gem of the Armenian Architectural style dating from 1959.

Follow this link to travel back in time, and dive into the mesmerizing Armenian Culture and History.


360° Armenian Carpets


As one of the oldest civilizations, Armenians have been practicing the very ancient tradition of weaving carpet for centuries. Hence, countless weaving treasures and priceless historical carpets come from Armenia. These tours offer you the chance to discover the rich and vast world of Armenian carpet weaving tradition.

An example of this is the Megerian Carpet Museum. This museum offers one of the most important and old collections of Armenian carpets coming from different historical eras.

Also, the museum has a restaurant in its center, offering the one-of-a-kind experience of dining surrounded by precious carpets.

After taking this tour we guarantee that those who aren't familiar with the fascinating world of weaving will discover a whole new world and a new passion for carpets! Start it here.


Virtual tours of Armenia

Published on June 29, 2023